Chief Technology Officer


Are you passionate about health and longevity?

Do you love helping others through your work?

Have you helped take a company from startup to success story?

Then please read on…

I run a forward-thinking consumer health technology company called Bloom that helps people track and improve their health from the comfort of their own home.

Because we’re focused on launching an amazing product that functions a high level consistently, we need to develop top-notch, scalable code. That’s where you come in…

Position Summary

The chief technology officer will be the leader and manager of our in-house development team and technology partners. They will be responsible for building and managing the team as we scale. They are in charge of all the technology aspects of the business including:

- Oversee system architecture, security, and operations

- Making sure our stack is up to date, working, and new features are added efficiently

- Ensure that bugs and crashes are fixed as fast as possible

- Manage development of our image analysis algorithm

- Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing the development team as needed

- Oversee our internal scrum process

- Building the technology infrastructure to conform to FDA requirements

- Managing technology partnerships that we outsource work to

This is for you if:

- You take pride in attention to detail

- You love to create efficient and clean coding

- You are apt to organize and plan

- You are a leader and enjoy building teams of A-player, top performers

- You are efficient in communication and can collaborate across multiple departments

- You’re excited by the prospect of building a software to scale to millions of users securely and reliably worldwide - a software that will change millions of lives

- Lastly and most importantly, you’re impact-driven. You want to push health technology forward and improve the health and longevity of the masses.

DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:

- Do not have experience as a CTO

- Are an individual contributor and have no interest in leading a team

- Have no interest in consumer medical devices and health technology

If none of these things can be said of you, then please continue reading…

KPI’s that you will own:

- Team Velocity - % of Sprint Tasks completed on time

- QA/performance - Bugs reported by customers vs discovered by our team

- Scalability of the system - performance testing and can handle growth forecast

- Complaint log / CAPA FDA reports - Regulated releases on schedule


Qualifications Required:

Consumer facing software product experience that scaled to 100’s of thousands or more

Knowledge of bringing AI / ML software to production

Experience with software-based medical devices

5+ years CTO experience



Experience taking a start up from $0 - $100,000,000 annual revenue

Successfully exited a start up


The Pay

Salary / Equity split


About Bloom:

Bloom is a consumer health technology company that is empowering the masses to track key health metrics from the comfort of their home.

We provide people with the information and actionable steps they need to improve their health through our easy-to-use test cards and mobile application.

We work to ensure our product is by far the best on the market. We genuinely care about the wellbeing of our users and provide a roadmap for each of them to live a healthier and longer life.


Our company is driven by 2 unique viewpoints:

1. Health tracking should be simple and available to the masses

2. There should be a clear path to improving your health, with specific, tailored action items


Our company exists to provide a proactive solution… …a solution that allows users to take control of their health without expensive, multiple-hour-long blood tests. We aim to make health tracking accessible, simple, and instant.


About the culture:

Here are the company core values. We call it “The Bloom Beliefs”:

1. Longevity is Possible - A substantial extension of a healthy, active lifestyle is possible, and we are passionately obsessed with doing what it takes to make it happen.

2. We Ship Fucking Epic - We never settle for good enough, if we don’t fall in love with it, we don’t ship it. It’s better to be exceptional and late than good enough and on time.

3. Health Over Wealth. We’re here to improve the health of the ones we love through the implementation of transparent and impeccable science - which we value over the creation of wealth.

How To Apply

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We’ll be accepting applicants until Wednesday, March 6th at 11:59pm Pacific. Be sure to apply before then.

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